29. marzo 2021

Suez Canal Accident

The passage through the Suez Canal is currently closed to ships in both directions. On 23 March at around 8am local time, the 400m container ship "Ever Given", coming from the Red Sea and heading north, ran aground in the Suez Canal, blocking the entire shipping channel. Today, in the early morning, it was partially re-floated. More than 27,000 cubic metres of sand and silt have been removed to a depth of 18 metres over the last few days, freeing the ship's rudder and propeller. However, the bow of the ship is still stuck.

Meanwhile, nearly 370 ships on both sides are waiting impatiently for the passage to reopen. Some ships are opting for the 10-12 day, 3800 mile circumnavigation of the southern tip of Africa, which means not only extra time but also extra cost. It is still unclear when the important waterway can be reopened for transit. The congestion on the Suez Canal significantly exacerbates the problem of delivery delays and interruptions in world trade and will continue to preoccupy all parties involved for many weeks to come.