14. febrero 2020

News about the Coronavirus

The situation in China is changing daily. The Novel Coronavirus has now infected over 60,000 people globally, resulting in over 1,500 reported fatalities. Most of the major Chinese ports opened at the beginning of the week and are operational but subject to local restrictions. This does not necessarily imply that freight is moving through the terminals as many staff have not yet returned to work. Factories are slowly getting back to work and each geographical region in China is moving differently based on their local rate of infection.

Air freight options in and out of China will become increasingly difficult over the short term as available air freight space is decreasing daily while freight rates are spiralling. Requests to ship air freight to and from China need to be clearly and quickly articulated with your RIM support team. 


Rail freight operations are gradually picking up but here too freight rates are increasing as demand grows.


Please note, with the exception of Wuhan, most of our Chinese partner offices are operational with staff either working in the office or working from home.