23. junio 2020

"Break of Gauge" - Silk Road seen with different eyes as a work of art

"Break of Gauge" - A piece of Art by Paul Kolling and Jack Wolf


Kolling and Wolf deal with the freight train connection between Zhengzhou and Hamburg on a completely different level. Considered in the business world as a "mere" transport connection of the fast type between the continents, the two convey a completely different picture of the connection via a single, coherent satellite image of the entire train route:

Using specially manufactured projectors, an exposed digital image is transferred to a 300-meter-long 35 mm film - in 16 days, this film track moves through the exhibition space, thus illustrating the required travel time. The projectors enlarge individual image sections and thus provide an insight into the diversity along the train connection.


Since the start of regular rail traffic between China and Europe, Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services has been involved in this market. Today, customers are offered up to 30 departures per week from East to West or vice versa. Short transit times, attractive rates and a quite respectable carbon footprint are just a few of the good reasons for this means of transport with a future. You can reach us at rail@kopf-luebben.com.


You can visit the exhibition of the project "Break of Gauge" from 27.06.2020 to 19 July 2020 in the Harburg train station; for more details please visit https://kvhbf.de/program/=exhibition


More detailed information will soon be available with the upcoming Newsletter No. 4 / 2020.