e-Commerce / e-Fulfilment


e-Commerce / e-Fulfilment: Full-Service geared for the Chinese market

More and more turnover in the retail trade is being generated via e-Commerce. Nowhere is this more evident than in China. Today the People’s Republic of China is already the largest e-Commerce market – with annual growth rates for online trading of over 20%. Let Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services open the door to this lucrative business in the area of e-Commerce / e-Fulfilment.


The main challenge facing Western brands: to optimise the existing brick and mortar trade in China by linking up with the online world – or to break into the Chinese market by launching e-Commerce activities on marketplace stores or through an own brand site. Whatever you decide, we are your partner with our expert knowledge of the local market. 


For e-Commerce we will develop innovative solutions for the online world in China and support you in overcoming the numerous hurdles that businesses typically face – cultural differences, language, legal compliance or customer behaviour. Our services in the area of e-Commerce include the following:


  • front-end layout and design – including mCommerce applications
  • back-end systems – including order management systems (OMS), warehouse management systems (WMS) and omni-channel management (OCM)
  • integration with Chinese online payment systems, web-controlling solutions, links to materials management systems and cargo tracking systems
  • layout and design for your own online shops or shops at B2C market places such as the Alibaba Platform Tmall, product presentations and suitable product descriptions, including proofreading
  • digital marketing, linking in to Chinese social media networks, SEO and SEA, call centre services
  • photographic and video production studios – in particular for fashion and lifestyle products


For e-Fulfilment Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services offers a full range of services for both brick and mortar and online trade. From our locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen we cover all aspects: B2B and B2C – from procurement to storage and complex logistics services, through to shipment processing and the management of returns.