Due to record-setting COVID-19 case counts in Hong Kong, officials have further tightened quarantine measures. This is bound to cause delays to shipments and we therefore recommend to book transportation as far in advance as possible. 

Airlines in the US have warned of serious problems as new 5G mobile services are rolled out. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that certain frequencies of the new 5G networks could massively affect aircraft radio altimeters. Unlike in the US, Europe generally uses a 5G spectrum that is further away from the frequency bands used for radio altimeters. 

Dalian is the latest port city in China to detect the Omicron variant, which is why we warn of more shipping delays in the countdown to Chinese New Year. The outbreak is reportedly growing at nearby Tianjin. While the port is open, restrictions on truck drivers are causing delays. 

As an internationally active freight forwarding company, Kopf + Lübben has many contacts with partners and customers worldwide on a daily basis, whether by e-mail, telephone call, video conference or in meetings. The language of business is English, so Kopf + Lübben already makes sure that apprentices have a good basic knowledge of the English language when they are selected. To further develop this basis for everyday business, we send the young people in their third year of training to English-speaking countries, where they experience the working world for three weeks in internship. 

After several postponements of the deadlines set out in the Border Operating Model, some transitional arrangements for imports of goods from the EU to the UK will expire at the end of the year. For example, full customs declarations will be mandatory from 1st January 2022. From that date, full customs declarations and temporary storage declarations must be lodged before they are shipped and customs controls will be carried out.

The mood in China's manufacturing industry is darkening.

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reports that power rationing measures have been introduced in 20 of 31 provinces. Coal shortages are to blame, as is Beijing's drive to meet emission reduction targets.


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