04. May 2015

Increasing number of rejected import shipments into the USA - wood packing materials need to be appropriately treated in accordance with IPPC regulations

Our US partners report increasing numbers of rejected import shipments due to non-compliant wood packing materials (WPMs), i.e. these containers are re-exported and not allowed into the USA.

In order to protect native plants from parasites etc. wood packing materials need to be treated according to ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) and marked with the IPCC logo. Approved treatments are Heat Treatment, Chemical Pressure Impregnation or Fumigation. After appropriate treatment, WPMs are marked with the IPCC logo which certifies to import authorities that these WPMs comply with the ISPM. Markings are recommended to be placed in a visible location, preferably on at least two opposite sides of the article being certified.