12. February 2021

New regulations for packaging wood from China, India and Belarus from 1.3.2021

The rules for notification and inspection requirements when importing goods from China, India and Belarus will change from 1.3.2021. From this date, consignments of goods from the risk list must be declared for a phytosanitary entry document (PP2 GGED) upon importation into the EU under certain conditions. On the risk list are materials such as clay, slate, marble, granite, wood, paving stones, processed factory stones, ceramic tiles, aluminum sheets and strips.

The conditions are met if the consignments of goods originate from China, India or Belarus, contain solid dunnage or packing wood (thicker than 6 mm) and are destined for a member state of the EU. The packing wood must comply with the rules of the International Packing Wood Standard ISPM 153. If you have any questions regarding a planned import, please feel free to contact us!