12. January 2021

Trade between the UK and the EU after Brexit

A hard Brexit could be avoided by the trade and cooperation agreement between the EU and UK, but nevertheless there are some rules to consider since the UK left the single market and the customs union. The Union Customs Code will be replaced in the UK by the new UK Customs Act. A 3-step plan governs the transition; see our news from July 2020 on the rules for imports to the UK https://www.kopf-luebben.com/de/neuigkeiten/aktuelles/meldung/neuigkeit/brexit-veraenderungen-ab-01012021.htmlde/neuigkeiten/aktuelles/meldung/neuigkeit/brexit-veraenderungen-ab-01012021.html

As of Jan. 1, 2021, exports from the UK for delivery to the EU are subject to third-country rules. Companies wishing to trade with businesses in the UK do need an EU EORI number to do so. Previous EORI numbers issued in the UK became invalid as of 1.1.2021. Customs declarants must be resident in the EU. For shipments to the EU, an entry summary declaration and an electronic customs declaration for release for free circulation must be submitted. For exports to the UK, a corresponding exit declaration must be made. Wood packaging must meet the requirements of ISPM 15 for shipments in both ways. For customs purposes, Northern Ireland will continue to be treated as if it were part of the EU, even though it is part of the United Kingdom. Duty-free treatment applies only to goods originating in the EU and UK. If you need further information, please contact us at info@kopf-luebben.com.