25. October 2019

Consequences of a "no-deal" brexit

In case of a “no-deal” Brexit, Great Britain exits the EU’s free trade area and the transport of excise goods will immediately be subject to the same customs formalities as international trade, pending any new agreements. At that point, all EORI numbers (Economic Operators‘ Registration and Identification Number) issued in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (GB) become void. British businesses may already now request an EORI number in an EU country of their choice which then comes into effect on 1st November.

At the same time, all authorisations for customs simplifications, issued by the customs authorities of the UK will no longer be valid in the customs territory of the Union. Please note that all customs documents require valid EORI numbers as Economic Operators can only identified by that number. Plus: after a "no-deal" brexit any release of goods for free circulation from the UK, the British Channel Islands and British Overseas Territory is subject to third party country rate of duty as long as no preferential trade relationship is in place.