20. December 2018

Limit of sulphur content in fuel oil inflates prices in the shipping industry

In 2016 member states of the IMO (International Maritime Oganization of the UNO) have decided to set a limit for sulphur in fuel oil used by ships. It is expected that this will have major health and environmental benefits for the world. As of 1st January 2020 only fuel oil with a maximum of 0.5 % sulphur content is allowed to be used as opposed to the current 3.5 %. The shipping industry anticipates that this will lead to additianal cost of 24 -60 Billion US Dollars in the maritime trade; about a quarter of which will affect the container liner shipping.

A change in pricing policies in the liner shipping is now noticeable: Fuel oil is increasingly charged separately from the basic ocean freight charges. By implementing bunker charges the market is expecting an immediate increase in costs, which will have a direct impact on cargo owners.


taken from:

IMO, press release of Oct. 28th, 2016

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