Support for apprentices in an international environment

As an internationally active freight forwarding company, Kopf + Lübben has many contacts with partners and customers worldwide on a daily basis, whether by e-mail, telephone call, video conference or in meetings. The language of business is English, so Kopf + Lübben already makes sure that apprentices have a good basic knowledge of the English language when they are selected. To further develop this basis for everyday business, we send the young people in their third year of training to English-speaking countries, where they experience the working world for three weeks in internships.  

The EU's Erasmus+ program helps Kopf + Lübben find local partners to arrange housing and internships. In 2021, Malta was the destination for our three trainees. "Here we were forced to speak English," reports Lennart Wendt: "Whether it was taking orders over the phone, advising customers in the store, packing in the warehouse or finishing the goods for shipping. That's where we learned the most." Julie Freese adds, "It was the same with our leisure activities - whether we booked a boat tour on the weekend or went shopping for the joint cooking evenings, everything was always in English." Third in the group was Luca Godesberg, who adds with a laugh: "It already started in the morning with the driver, when we showed our bus ticket and were greeted. We had very good connections from our accommodation, which we used not only for the trips to work. We could also easily reach the capital Valletta or the seaside town of San Giljan. But the absolute highlight was certainly the boat trip to the Blue Lagoon in the best weather!"

The three agree: trainees are supported here to the best of their abilities and invite you to get more information about Kopf + Lübben as an employer:

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