Supply chain disruptions in Far East

Access to South Korea’s two busiest container ports, Busan and Gwangyang, has been blocked, causing box traffic to fall to 40% of normal levels. The blockades are due to 25,000 truckers, members of the Cargo Truckers Solidarity Union, going on strike again today, demanding a minimum wage system to manage the relentless increase in fuel prices.

Eight districts in Zhengzhou, China are under a five-day Covid lockdown. This has led to violent protests have at Foxconn’s iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, prompting renewed concerns over Chinese supply chains.

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China is expecting a peak in COVID-19 infections within a week, with authorities predicting extra

The toll for HGVs weighing 7.5 tonnes or more on federal trunk roads will increase on 1 January

Shanghai, which is the location for China’s largest container port, has just embarked on a further


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