Shanghai in lockdown

The COVID pandemic in China continues to spread across the country. Shanghai, unfortunately, has replaced Jilin Province as the leading hotspot in the nationwide outbreak. As a consequence, the Shanghai Government announced late last evening to launch a two-phase lockdown in the city as from early March 28, divided primarily between Pudong ( March 28 to April1 ) and Puxi ( April 1 to April 5 ).

All local companies within the lockdown areas must conduct closed-door operations or allow staff to work from home. Production and public transportation in these areas have been suspended earlier today.

Ocean and airport terminals and customs will be working during the lockdown.

However, efficiency can be expected to be low as  trucking is becoming more and more difficult. For the moment, only drivers holding a negative nucleic test report within 48 hours & valid EIR can  apply for a special pass to move freely.

The lockdown will have a substantial impact on the movement of cargo with repercussions thereof expected to last for several weeks.



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