Rapid aid during the flood disaster

Working together, a number of Bremen freight forwarders donated several thousand euros to INFORAS International Forwarders Association Ltd. in order to procure urgently needed goods, such as shovels, water pushers, road brooms, wheelbarrows, mortar, refrigerators and power generators for the flooded areas in North Rhine-Westphalia, making life a little easier for the affected populations.

One of the firefighters is the son of an INFORAS partner in Bonn and, along with his father, who started the initiative, he was on site in Remagen to receive the load and distribute it with the help of his comrades. Refrigerators, for example, were given to hospitals or doctors’ surgeries that can no longer cool their stocks of medicines in the dire situation.

In addition to a monetary donation, Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services were happy to organise the truck transport for the Remagen Volunteer Fire Brigade and carried it out free of charge.

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