Rail transport now also in video format

A video explaining rail transport – we are entering completely new territory together with Horst Götze, the operator of the Logistics Channel on YouTube. Making a virtue out of necessity, Horst Götze made good use of his time during the pandemic to make the world of freight forwarding accessible in videos – including for people outside the industry.

After some users had posed questions regarding the Silk Road, it was clear to us that we, as pioneers of rail transport to and from China, wanted to help. We turned it into a specialist department project and invited volunteers to get involved. The information for the new video was compiled by two young people: trainee Anna-Lena Wömpner and import clerk Alexander Harms prepared the script for the video and meticulously mapped every step of a rail transport journey. “I had never tackled a transport topic like this before,” laughs Ms Wömpner, “but it was great fun and also really helped me understand the whole topic.” And Alexander Harms adds: “Something like this is certainly a training highlight and shows what the forwarding world is capable of.” Head of the department, Anja Krüger, adds: “Not only do viewers retain moving images for a longer time, this is also a much better way to reach young people who navigate the new media world in a completely different way than was possible before tablet, mobile phone and similar. And who knows – maybe the video is also the starting point towards making a career choice.”

You can find the video at: https://youtu.be/d9CO3RvNjAQ

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A video explaining rail transport – we are entering completely new territory together with Horst


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