Bremen: Ms Guevara starts on 1 August 2021

In Bremen, Ms Maika Guevara starts her vocational training as a forwarding and logistics services clerk on 1 August. Ms Guevara is only 22 years old and already brings along some language and professional experience:

She regularly spoke Spanish with her Chilean father and after her A-levels she worked as an au pair in the USA for a year to improve her English and get to know the country. As she was eager to leverage her love of foreign languages in her profession, she initially started an apprenticeship in a large hotel in Bremen. Unfortunately, Ms Guevara could not envisage staying in this industry on a permanent basis and the coronavirus pandemic made the situation even more difficult, so she soon started looking for alternatives. After doing extensive research, Ms Guevara became interested in the world of forwarding and applied to several forwarding companies. We fortunately came to an agreement very quickly and Ms Guevara signed with Kopf + Lübben. We are very pleased that Ms Guevara has already decided to work part-time in our air freight department until her training starts. We warmly welcome Mrs Guevara and wish her all the best!

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